Anytek Smart Locks: Utility, High Security

With modern security features through easy-to-use fingerprint identification method, common design with many doors, zinc alloy material Anytek locks is a "trend lock" and is a product of top technology are popular in the market.

Locks necessary items in every house, the security depends on the material selection. In fact, conventional locks are facing many problems such as: locks and keys are very quick to rust when faced with humid weather or water; thieves are very easy to break the lock in a short time ... or easily damaged by the impact and often have to change locks several times a year. For many different types of smart locks often have complex structures, forcing users to change the structure of the new door frame accordingly.

Luxurious design, friendly body shape attracts users of Anytek series of smart locks.

Why choose Anytek smart locks?

Anytek waterproof fingerprint lock, this line of locks utilizes fingerprint security technology - a common protection solution that uses biometric technology that has been introduced in many electronic devices to solve the limitations of the above problems. Anytek is considered a pioneer when it comes to protecting smart products with smart locks. 

The "very noticeable" highlights of the Anytek smart lock box

- Set up to 10 to 40 fingerprints.

360 degree fingerprint recognition so you will easily open the lock in all directions.

- Unlocking speed has yet to come 1 second

- The side of this product is available Micro USB port Used to charge batteries for fingerprint locks and waterproof rubber buttons.

- Besides, Anytek smart locks Structural possible zinc alloy bear weight up to 500kg and equipped IP56, IP65, IP66 waterproof standards This makes it possible to operate in all weather conditions outside. 

- Capacity Great battery with about 1000 times Unlocked, the period can be used for up to 1 year. When the battery is running out of power, the lock will indicate an LED on the fingerprint sensor, which can be charged temporarily via a backup charger and the recharge time only takes about 3 hours.

Fingerprint lock Anytek Super durable, water resistant

- Extremely safe because Anytek smart locks Equipped with a smart, fully independent chip to encrypt private fingerprint data on the lock. This means that you cannot use other electronic devices such as wifi, bluetooth, etc. to unlock. 

Several types of Anytek smart locks are popular today

These locks vary in design, battery time when you are not using and the number of fingerprints of security applications, you can choose according to your needs. With Smart door lock and Anytek smart lock products, systems Smart camera, lights smart home... application of modern technologies to enhance security features for homeowners.

A full range of Anytek smart fingerprint locks

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