How To Install Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic 1

How To Install Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic

Xiaomi Loock Classic smart lock is one of Xiaomi's best-selling smart keys of 2018. With integrated high-end security technologies, excellent finishing, solid structure and beautiful appearance.

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Xiaomi Loock Classic easily satisfies all those who are looking for the perfect solution to replace the traditional mechanical lock in general, but also as a gift for Xiaomi fans, or those who own for themselves. Xiaomi smart home products in particular.

This is definitely an almost indispensable accessory in the Xiaomi ecosystem product series, helping your home to be safer and more secure than ever. But contrary to most of Xiaomi's smart home products, there is no need to install anything complicated, just power, then connect and use.

Installation of the Xiaomi Loock Classic Door Lock requires a little knowledge of the lock, and depending on many other factors such as material, door thickness, you will have to know how to handle it flexibly. But do not worry, Mihub will guide you step by step, helping you assemble the Xiaomi Loock Classic door lock as gently as possible. Moreover, this tutorial is for those who are passionate about exploring and like to do everything by themselves, if you are a genuine Do-It-Yourself, then this is the article for you.

However, you should note the following before reading the article How To Install Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic Please:

  1. As I mentioned above, door lock assembly requires a bit of technique to handle, because for each different door type, you need to carefully consider the material, thickness of the door, shape etc. What accessories does the door surface or door have? For example, for aluminum or stainless steel doors, there is a top and bottom sound. All of this affects the lock mounting. 
  2. Any damage to the key during the installation process due to improper assembly is possible! so I recommend that, if you are not confident with your ability, contact Mihub immediately for installation assistance. And you complete peace of mind with assembly services on your side.
  3. This tutorial I follow is based on the assembly of natural wooden doors, so it may be a little different if you are using aluminum, stainless steel or industrial wood. However, basically the assembly is completely the same and only differs from the space manipulation operation to accommodate the locking shaft.

Ok, let's start the Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Key Installation Tutorial

Step 1: Open the Accessory Box 

This step seems like a simple step, but you should not skip it. Check all the accessories in the box carefully, as just missing the following list will result in your lock becoming expensive iron.

How To Install Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic

Step 2: Measure Key Groove and Shapes

In my experience, this step is the hardest of all! Since you need to carefully measure the positions you need to drill based on the drill hole chart provided in the box, mark these locations with a brush.

You then measure the size of the spindle core and calculate the space drilling to accommodate this core. This drilling job you should note:

  1. For accurate drilling, you need to prepare at least 1 hand drill with a dedicated drill bit and 1 wood chisel. These tools can easily be purchased at woodworking tool stores.
  2. This can be simple or complicated, depending entirely on the type of wood and the type of key you used earlier. For example, if your door wood is soft wood and the size of the old locking shaft you use is relatively similar to the Xiaomi Loock Classic, then you just need to drill a little to fit. Conversely, you will waste time for this job.
  3. As with the previous notes, if you are not confident, please contact Mihub for assistance with assembly.

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Step 3: Install Xiaomi Loock Classic Door Lock Core

In this assembly step, there are 3 notes that you need to pay attention, check each step carefully before inserting the locking shaft.

Note 1 for the Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Key Installation Instructions: You need to determine the direction of the door's opening and closing, then adjust the trigger in a positive or negative direction and ensure that the inclined surface of the blade is in the same direction as the door is closed. Failure to do so may result in the door not closing!

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Note 2 In the Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Key Installation Guide: Determine what door to use the material! If you are using a wooden door, cut off the top and bottom door key latches of the locking core shaft, but the picture shows the bottom, because this key will only work for closing aluminum or stainless steel door latches if the aluminum door or Inox has used accessories then negative upper and lower.

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Note 3: Depending on the thickness of the door, carefully choose the square link shaft whose length corresponds to the door thickness! You need to measure the distance between the center of the locking shaft to the edge of the inner door facing into the house to choose whether to use a 52mm or 74 mm shaft. 

Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Lock sales address

After you have fixed the locking shaft to the door, you should double check that all the mechanical components are working properly, make sure that no locking jam occurs.

Smart lock Xiaomi Loock Classic genuine good how much money

Step 4: Install Accessories for 2 Key Inside and Outside

In this step, you only need to select the accessories in the box and install according to the instructions below. However, like every other step, based on your experience of assembling your Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Key, you should note the following points.

Note 1: The lock is designed to be easily assembled for doors with a thickness of 38-120mm, please compare with the menu of accessories to use the right size.Xiaomi Loock Smart Lock Classic imported goodsNote 2: If the thickness of your door is less than 38mm, the 2-sided mounting kit such as screws or connecting shafts may leave you unable to fit the door surface. Therefore, consider grinding the length of the screwdriver and the outer shaft.

This way you have to measure the exact distance to be cut. Alternatively, you can also use a thin piece of wood cut into the mold of the key, the size corresponding to the gap gap to insert to help fix the lock to the door surface.Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Lock price

Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Lock should buy cheaply Statistics Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic

Where should I install the Xiaomi Loock Smart Lock?

Note 3: Depending on the direction of the door opening and closing, use the hexagonal lock that comes with it to adjust the handles of the two side panels.

Image of Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic Locksmith only installs Xiaomi Loock Smart Lock

Step 5: Connecting Between 2 Panel Faceplate, screw and P Mountingprint

After connecting the cables between the two boards, assemble the two locking surfaces together based on the axles mounted on the inside of the lock body, and use two long tight screws - helping the locking face boards connect securely. intended together. 

Hire a Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Locksmith

Tighten the fixing screw and install the battery to check whether the electromechanical part of the door lock is working properly.

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Step 6: Drill to Make Keylock Box Groove at Hinge 

Similar to step 2, you have to measure and drill the chisel so that you can assemble the key groove correctly

Survey the type of door that should be installed with the Xiaomi Loock Smart Lock

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Step 7: Check the Installation of Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Key

In order to make sure that the door lock works properly, you need to check carefully not only the mechanical part but also the electronic part of the door lock, to make sure that the Xiaomi Loock Classic lock can be unlocked by all methods that No problem.

Note: do not close until the test is completed!

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I hope after this tutorial on setting up Xiaomi Loock Classic smart lock, you guys can confidently install the lock with no obstacles. If you need any help from Mihub - Don't be shy to contact Mihub right away! I wish you success and happiness after completing your Xiaomi Loock Classic key reset. Useful please evaluate for Fanpage Mihub.

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    If you sell it is too standard 🙂 so I bought a fitting to the door I called. Because the article is so good, the product is good, right?

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