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List of Benefits For Using The Most Popular Smart Home and Office Electronic Door Lock

Smart door lock is one of the outstanding products of the trend of universal connectivity Iodine and also one of the countless digital devices in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 to gradually change the face of society by applying scientific achievements, to transform what appeared to be traditional and shaped. the way people interact with everyday objects.

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If you are still arguing or wondering whether or not to upgrade the traditional lock into a smart door lock system, the following reasons will help you see the practical benefits when investing in the product. this.

Smart electronic door locks not only bring many benefits when used in modern family apartments, but also for businesses that can be applied to offices that help improve efficiency and optimize operating costs. Let's find out!

1. Obsession lost the key

Should use Smart Electronic Door Lock for the Family

Using Smart Electronic Door Lock for Home and office the first benefit is to dispel the worry of losing the key, not finding the key. Because You may drop or lose the key lock up Whenever in everyday situations. Confusion and torment are emotions that everyone has ever experienced when falling into this situation.

In addition to not being able to enter or leave a house without locking your door, you also need to consider changing a lock for the safety of your home and yourself! because you can't be sure someone has your keys in their hands or worse yet they have a bad idea! With smart electronic lock Just change your password or disable the old password and you're done.

In addition, some products such as xiaomi smart electronic key have built-in fingerprints very convenient, natural opening and fast authentication.

2. Forget keys at home

Review about Smart Electronic Door Lock for Home and office

Just like the case above, but forgetting the key is more common and gives you bad situations to laugh. when you get to the office and you can't get in and it is terrible if your home is a dozen kilometers away! Waiting for the help of a colleague is your only solution.

But with smart phone lock you are completely active in this situation! Because biometrics are always natural, highly secure and do not require any other ancillary equipment. So is the benefit of using Smart Electronic Door Lock for the Family, the office is able to solve this "problem"?

3. The key is easy to fake or copy

Should guest rooms have smart door locks?

One of the weaknesses of traditional mechanical locks lies in the key itself and the core structure! Most traditional door locks on the market today are equipped with keys that are easy to copy by any lock repair shop.

So this is really a concern when in life you sometimes have to send the key to someone else to keep, and you can't be sure whether the key has been copied or not. Consider using a key with a complex key structure or preferably no key at all!

Present Xiaomi smart lock is one of the few smart keys on the market that is able to unlock fingerprints and is equipped with c key corepond cHamlet Ferrule Class C, bring you level highest security. And from the above outstanding characteristics, you are confident Smart Electronic Door Lock for Home and your office right away.

4. The house has many members

Are Smart Door Lock for Home and office expensive

Usually a traditional door lock will come with 3 keys, but it will be a problem when the family has many members or you use it for office purposes, it is really inadequate, when you have to Do your own key!

If you are in such a situation, consider upgrading to a smart electronic key that can create multiple passwords or store multiple fingerprints. This way you can not only preserve the integrity of your locks, but also save money in the long run!

5. Hire maids by the hour

Summary of types of Smart Electronic Door Lock for the Family

The daily work at work makes the lives of families busy, making the need to find domestic help to clean the house. At this time, it is very reasonable to find someone to support housework from relatives or to find an hourly helper.

However, a problem that arises when entering and leaving your apartment when you are not at home causes certain difficulties. But do not worry, this problem will be solved quickly because Xiaomi smart lock now has a solution that allows you to create temporary virtual passwords at a given time.

6. Trading in motel rooms or Airbnb

Should use the type of Electronic Door Lock for Smart Home

Renting a room or participating in housing-sharing services such as Airbnb is a new trend for young people, helping them gain passive income or can be considered as a relatively effective channel to make money. take advantage of a vacant room or a vacant house in the family to rent or if you don't have a house you can rent and sublease.

However, life is the same, once you have business, you need to have the right strategy to save money. The first thing you need to do is consider using an electronic lock instead of a traditional mechanical lock because the tenant only stays for a short time and changes constantly so using a regular key reduces the possibility security feature of the room if the key is used by many people for extended periods of time.

Moreover, the application of Smart Lock is completely suitable for guests “Check print" at any time of the day even if you're not there thanks to a remote temporary password creation feature.

7. Supervise children or staff

Products of Smart Electronic Door Lock for Family are popular today

Share information about Smart Electronic Door Lock for the Family

Fully updated Smart Electronic Door Lock for Families

Notifying who has opened the door or the ability to save login history is one of the features that I think is worthwhile to upgrade the smart door lock!

This feature acts as a virtual assistant to notify the time of your children or employees to enter the door, helping you manage better and not have to worry about whether your child has been home safely or not after school. or manage the time employees get to work on time or not.

8. Links smart home appliances

Genuine Smart Door Lock for Family

Smart homes have been a major IoT trend in recent years. Smart lock is considered an essential part of the smart home ecosystem because it is the most important task in protecting the home.

It is a huge omission if not to mention the ability to connect to Xiaomi smart home products such as smart sensors such as: Door opening and closing sensor, motion sensor, ... Xiaomi smart air purifier, smart light bulbs, ...

You can easily set up complete automation of your house with the task combos that you preset when opening the door to enter the house or when you close the door to work. 

9. Making the room become luxurious

Where is the Smart Home Electronic Door Lock purchased?

And finally, the use of the Smart Home Electronic Door Lock and style not only helps protect your home completely, but the interior of the house also becomes different than the houses. other thanks to the luxurious, sophisticated design on every detail.

No more bulky traditional locks and no sense of security. Fingerprint lock Installed in harmony, easy to see and simple with the door opening and closing will make you satisfied.

Above Mihub has listed almost all the benefits when using, installing Smart Electronic Door Lock for your home and office. If you find this article interesting and useful, you can rate below to support Mihub. Moreover, you can find out some of the smart door lock products that will be installed in many homes, apartments, offices in Vietnam below:

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