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The Pros Highlights Of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock What?

The following article of Mihub is to introduce and share the list of outstanding features of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock that you are most interested in. Let's get It Started:

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1. High sensitivity fingerprint sensor combined using leading identification algorithm

Survey Highlights Of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock

The highlight of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock is the application of biometric technology to each product. Biometric technology is not a new technology, appearing in many smart devices today.

It includes fingerprints, iris and face recognition. All of these have managed to appear in all kinds of door lock products. However, the most common and most familiar to consumers is the unlock of fingerprint recognition.

The set of fingerprint identification Smart door lock Xiaomi comes from the world's leading biometric components suppliers, and is calibrated to be compatible with any gender and age range, perfectly compatible with the ages of 7 to 70, while spending on The common standard of traditional fingerprint door locks typically limits the use age from 14 to 55 years old.

Applying artificial intelligence AI to the hand-recognition algorithm, enhance recognition for all environmental conditions such as wet, dry, defective fingerprint.

After 200,000 actual measurements in all situations, the sensor is optimally calibrated with an error rate of less than 0.0005%, which is many times higher than the industry standard for precision locking.

The fingerprint reader of the xiaomi lock is classified as advanced Best Currently, recognizing fingerprints in various environmental situations with fast and accurate performance, Xiaomi smart door lock will open after a few seconds, even when opened with wet or dirty hands. butis not were a delay.

In the past, smart door locks using biometrics often had relatively high rejection rates. Users often need to verify fingerprints multiple times to pass and experience very poor. This is absolutely not happening in the experience of using Xiaomi smart door lock products.

To achieve such an almost absolute accuracy, Xiaomi has used the Precise Biometrics algorithm (PB) of Sweden and support of a large library of fake fingerprints. Is one Leading fingerprint algorithm company, PB algorithm applied in domestic and foreign financial institutions as well as foreign bank cards.

2. Diverse unlocking methods

This is the main was Highlights of the second Xiaomi Smart Door Lock that we will talk about, and specifically with the unlocking method? And how much that variety will learn below.

Review and evaluate the Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock

Unlock with BLE

Xiaomi smart door lock supports unlocking your phone with Bluetooth, and also has a Mijia security chip, which can encrypt all Bluetooth communication content. Therefore, users can feel secure because the whole unlocking process is safe and reliable.

Unlock With Password

Xiaomi smart door lock also supports the function of virtual password to prevent peeping.

Add some random numbers in front of and behind the correct password to confuse strangers who might peek behind you. As long as the total number of passwords entered does not exceed 16 digits, it does not affect the normal unlocking.

Unlock with NFC

When Xiaomi promoted the popularity of NFC functionality on its flagship models, the launch of smart door lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock made it more useful. It is worth noting that Xiaomi's NFC unlocking function is unique to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock, and there is no similar product on the market today.

Unlock by key in case of emergency

One of the points"worth rice bowl money "of the smart door lock is that people can forget the existence of the key in everyday life, but in extreme cases, they still need a traditional physical emergency. You can place two emergency keys in the office or take them with you in case you need them.

Remote unlocking

Xiaomi smart door lock supports setting a temporary password on the Mihome app. When a visitor comes, you can create a temporary password for the guest and you can customize the effective date and validity period, so that you can actively appoint guests or maids to enter the door under the for your permission.

3. 2-way encryption - absolute security

There is no doubt that the two-way encryption feature - absolute security is the Highlights of the next Xiaomi Smart Door Lock, right?

Latest updates of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Highlights

In the digital age, data encryption is a matter of life and realizing this, Xiaomi manufacturer has been interested in and researches coding technology for Xiaomi smart home products.

Xiaomi smart door lock with built-in MJSC security chip not only has sensitive authentication technology but also helps to encrypt the user's database. All data stored in the internal memory of the key that communicates with the smartphone is processed with encryption authentication.

4. Great management application

Share the outstanding advantages of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock

It can be said that Xiaomi's success is to build the smart xiaomi ecosystem and manage it most conveniently on the Mihome app. Therefore, when it comes to the Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock, you cannot ignore the application part.

Mi Home application Not only can the Xiaomi smart door lock link to check status, browse logs, remote settings as mentioned above but also access to realize comprehensive link with other smart home products via Bluetooth and WiFi. You can even customize the link context for Xiaomi smart door locks.

5. Equipped with many security technologies and safe designs

Outstanding elements of xiaomi smart door lock

Xiaomi smart door lock is equipped with many safety sensors

+ The keyhole detection sensor can identify cases of key holes being inserted continuously for a long time, an alarm message will be issued to alert the household head.

+ The panel vibration sensor will send a warning message when it detects that the panel is vibrating.

+ The sensor detects various status updates of the door lock and can immediately leave a log record on the user's phone and also notify related messages.

+ The latch status detection sensor will prompt the user when the latch is in an open state (unlock)

Should choose to buy xiaomi smart door lock
Safety button of Electronic door lock Xiaomi smart can be used as a childproof anti-lock knob. It needs to be pressed hard to turn, this can prevent the child from locking the door by mistake while operating at home and cannot open the door.

Moreover, once it is in anti-lock mode, all normal users cannot unlock it from the door except the head of household and the emergency key. This can effectively prevent illegal intrusion from outside after the password is accidentally leaked.

6. Linked to the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem

The Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock over other devices

Xiaomi smart door lock is designed to function as part of the smart home ecosystem! It is a huge omission if not to mention the ability to connect to Xiaomi smart home products such as smart sensors like Door opening and closing sensor, motion sensor, ... Xiaomi smart air purifier, smart light bulbs, ...

You can easily set up complete automation of your house with the task combos that you preset when opening the door to enter the house or when you close the door to work. For example, you can design a task as followsWhen the Xiaomi smart door lock is opened, the light will automatically turn on and the air purifier starts working.

7. The locking core has many layers of latches and high-class materials

Compare specifically the Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock
The most important element of Xiaomi smart door lock It is equipped Core Advanced Key Ferrule Class C, bring you level highest security.

The front of the Xiaomi smart door lock is made of IML acrylic explosion-proof tempered glass and the material's durability lock Very high compared to similar products. 

8. Luxurious and sophisticated design

Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock meets what for human needs

The design of the product is an outstanding advantage of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock for every family. May be the affirmation of a classy lifestyle.

Xiaomi smart lock is definitely a gift for those who love technology and beauty. If you are looking for a smart key that not only meets all your requirements from functionality to the strength of the core of the locking shaft, but also possesses an impressive appearance from simplicity and sophistication. And luxury to fit your luxury apartment, then I assert, all your smart lock search can pause here!

When in the inactive state, the entire locking body is covered in pure black for a sense of seamlessness and rigidity. The door handle and keyhole cover are covered with rough paint for a good grip experience.

Like the main door locks, the upper half of the face of the lock is a hidden row of number keys. When we enter the password, it will be subtly hidden, which not only protects and hides the password well, but also helps to harmonize the entire lock body.

9. Outstanding durability

What factors are the Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock?

The highlight of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock is the outstanding durability, and here are some information, specific parameters you can refer to.

+ The battery lasted for 15 months in standby mode

+ The motor of the latch can withstand 100,000 times.

+ Door handle has the ability to rotate 100,000 times in 10 years without being loose.

+ Anti-perspiration hands for 24h, do not fly paint color.

+ 240h test of exposure to salt water for 10 years without oxidation

+ Pass the test of impact strength

+ Pass the surface abrasion test

+ Operating temperature from -25c to 55 degrees

+ Remind when the battery is low under 10%

10. Has achieved many quality standards certification and applicable patents

List of Highlights of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock you need to knowShould use xiaomi electronic lock no

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