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"Smart electronics" is the growing trend of the world, from products such as phones, televisions, cars, etc. to door locks. So why not apply this trend to your own home?

List of Top 05 Smart Hafele Smart Door Locks Currently On The Market

Instead of mechanical lock with easy-to-lose and easy-to-fake disadvantages, electronic locks using fingerprints, codes, magnetic cards and Bluetooth connectivity provide superior comfort and security. Not only present in hotels, luxury apartments, electronic locks today are diverse in design, features and prices for users to choose from the needs and financial capabilities. Let's take a look at the note below when choosing to buy electronic lock.

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Electronic Door Lock EL7900

Unlock method - Hafele Smart Door Lock Häfele's latest EL7900 uses Bluetooth connectivity, magnetic stripe cards and codes, 5 delicate color schemes.
Electronic Door Lock EL7900 - Top 5 List of Hafele Smart Door Locks
Hafele EL7900 Smart Door Lock using magnetic card and code is a common way of operation and is integrated with most locks, but some of the more advanced or more advanced lock lines will have more fingerprints and connectivity. Bluetooth.

Typically, a person will take a minimum of 2-3 minutes to open the door, including manipulating the find key, plug in the socket and turn unlock. If using a fingerprint lock, it takes less than 1 minute to get into the house. After that, just close the door, turn the latch, your door is locked safely.

Meanwhile, with Bluetooth lock, the key is your phone has the corresponding application installed. In particular, through the application, you can generate codes either "Key Bluetooth lock ” with optional shelf life for relatives and friends. Guests use the code either "Key lock up" issued to enter your home without your presence, but you always know when guests are in and out.

Out Xiaomi electronic door lock Hafele is one of the brands Smart door lock Currently selling electronics in Vietnam, Häfele has many locking products that integrate different methods from mechanical key to Bluetooth. Users can register the number of magnetic cards, codes and fingerprints up to hundreds of different expiry dates.

This variety makes it easy to choose the product and the optimal comfort during use.

Electronic Door Lock EL9000

Security Feature - Hafele Smart Door Lock EL9000 integrates electric shock protection with a fingerprint shield that protects fingerprints from dust. Electronic Door Lock EL9000 - Review of Top 5 Models of Hafele Smart Door Lock
Hafele EL9000 Smart Door Locks are usually more secure and secure than conventional mechanical locks, but there are still many concerns about the risk of being cracked and hacked.

However, today's advanced electronic locks have been integrated with many functions to eliminate these risks such as Häfele locks with anti-shock technology, withstand voltage over 1000V. The lock will also sound an alarm when someone deliberately dismounts the lock.

In addition, Häfele lock users can feel secure when the lock is equipped with a code scrambling function that allows you to enter any number before the real password, avoiding the risk of peeking or fingerprinting on the lock. Not to mention, the mobile application connection keys from Häfele work without the Internet, so the risk of hacking is almost zero.

Lock the door Häfele EL7500

Ability to remote control Electronic key Häfele EL7500 uses magnetic cards, codes and can be connected to the remote control and the doorbell system, increasing the comfort in use. 

In addition to remote management by the application on the phone, some locks can be connected to the remote or the screen doorbell system, allowing users to observe, talk and open the door for guests through the monitor screen. indoors. If you are a fan of convenience, you definitely cannot ignore these extra features when choosing to buy a key. And Hafele EL7500 Smart Door Lock is a typical product.

Häfele EL7500 - Review of Top 5 Hafele Smart Door Locks

Hafele ER4600 Smart Door Lock

Design of the lock - ER4600 electronic lock for doors from 25-50mm thick iron, about 88mm door puzzle.

An important note when selecting electronic locks is the design as well as the door material. Most of the current electronic locks are suitable for wooden doors, iron doors only differ in thickness and puzzle. The landlord should consult with the engineer to select the electronic lock appropriate for the type of door of his family.

Hafele ER4600 - Latest Update Top 5 Hafele Smart Door Locks
Häfele has now marketed more than 10 types of electronic locks with prices from mid-range upwards, suitable for many materials and door colors. Electronic locks with handles like EL7200, 7500, 7700, 8000, etc. are suitable for wooden doors and iron doors - hinged doors, 38 ~ 90mm thick and 120mm magnetic door puzzle.

Non-handle lock types such as ER4400, 4600, 5900 are suitable for iron or glass doors. In particular, the ER4200 lock is also used for sliding doors.

Electronic Door Lock Hafele EL9500

Hafele Smart Door Lock EL9500 Push & Pull, operated by fingerprint, pin code, magnetic card, mechanical key.

Hafele EL9500 - Top 5 Hafele Smart Door Lock hottest on the market today

This is the most advanced Hafele lock pattern, with a luxurious design suitable for customers who want to find the perfect product from features, designs to high security capabilities.

Key features of Hafele EL9500 Smart Door Lock are as follows:

  • Scrambling function
  • Handles are reversible, suitable for left and right open doors
  • Secret code function for backup
  • Intrusion warning function
  • Card disable function is lost

Then through this article Mihub Have synthesized top 5 models of Hafele Smart Door Lock are the best selling in the market today. If you have interesting interest product reviews Please let us know in the comments above.

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