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What is the Mihome Application? Instructions for using the Mi Home application on the management of smart electronics from Xiaomi manufacturer best with the article….

Mi Home Application Guide - Xiaomi Smarthome - Xiaomi Smarthome Management System

When technology is developing rapidly in the industrial revolution 4.0. Automation, artificial intelligence and security are the main pillars of the world's great technology corporations investing, developing and developing.

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In addition, the field of smart home and smart home appliances is also well received by consumers for its usefulness in all aspects of daily life. Not only helps them monitor and secure the house in a comprehensive way but also "elevate" the comfort available by automating daily tasks in the house. 

Xiaomi is famous for producing mid-to-high-end phones at attractive prices that are familiar to consumers in Vietnam markets, but few people think that Xiaomi is also a manufacturer. Smart home owns a diverse and largest ecosystem today.

If compared to Xiaomi smart home products like the senses of the body, the Mi Home Application is considered the brain of the ecosystem. smart home Xiaomi. Because we can easily manage, monitor and combine devices, making these devices work as they should and work in concert to "Combo" action, bring a fresh and intelligent experience.

In the tutorial of using Mi Home application, I will guide how to use the Mi Home application for those new to Xiaomi smart home management software.

In addition, I will guide how to set up home automation by coordinating Xiaomi sensors such as: Smart door lock Xiaomi and other home appliances with specific examples. Once you understand the working principle, you can easily be creative with everything you can think of. Let's get started !!!

Instructions for Installing the Xiaomi App and Creating a Xiaomi Account

+ First, download and install the application on iOS or Android OS

Google Play for Android phones

App Store for iPhone or iPad

How To Use The Standard Mi Home Application

Then, please open the application and log in to Xiaomi account if you have, or do not have an account, please follow your instructions to register offline.

To register for a Xiaomi account you need to note the following:

1. Always select territories as "Mainland China" or mainland China, because some Xiaomi devices are only sold and supported for the Chinese market, if you choose to go to another territory, there will be a shortage of support devices and you will not be able to add or install. place that device, so don't be surprised if the product you buy won't be found if it's in a different territory "Mainland" Please.

Also, if you accidentally set up a Xiaomi smart device in any territory, the device will no longer be valid when you move to another territory.

2. You should register for an Xiaomi account by email. This is the most familiar and natural way to register, the advantage is easy to remember and fast operation. Also, if you don't have or don't want to use email for some reason, you can still use your own phone number to register.

But be aware, when entering the phone number you must add the area code of Vietnam “+84” and your entire phone number including the number “0” Firstly (eg +840908123456), this method seems easier than the first one, but it is actually unstable and sometimes your phone number may be recognized as invalid!

How To Install Mihome App Fastest

Mi Home Application User Guide

Basically, the Mi Home application has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use design language, with a streamlined and streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to capture information quickly and manipulate applications easily. easy.

To add the device to the Mi Home management application, tap the sign “+” in the right corner of the screen. In the middle of the screen is a list of devices that have been added or shared from another Xiaomi account. Each box will contain basic information about the device with quick activation button or show the status of the sensor.

For example, At first glance, you can grasp the first box that Xiaomi smart desk lamp is placed in the living room position with the status being turned on - the car is blue, in addition, you can easily turn on and off Quickly by the ON / OFF button on the right.

Or for example Another such as the Xiaomi door open-close sensor is also located in the living room position and is showing the status of the door being closed at 20:49.

In addition to manual operations, the Mi home app also supports voice control, you can easily order to turn on the air purifier, turn off the night light, turn off the power or cook rice, turn on the vacuum cleaner. . However, currently Xiaomi's Mi home app only supports Chinese, hopefully the future will support Vietnamese 🙂 

Instructions to connect mihome application with xiaomi smart door lock

Move to the second page is Xiaomi's online store called Mi store, with the interface, layout and act as an independent e-commerce site. However, only applying to the Chinese market, Xiaomi not only has a phone or a computer, they also make smart houses, produce underwear, towels, toothbrushes, they even invest in a lot of startup companies to expand the number of items it owns.

And at this Mi store, you can easily find almost everything in the ecosystem that Xiaomi has invested in research, development and cooperation with many other names, ready to take down the passionate followers. love fastidious technology.

Share article install mihome application on your phone

The account management page has an eye-catching interface with many powerful customizations. Here, you can grant the right to use the device to family members, change the login information or check important information such as detecting intruders or warning the key has been entered the wrong code many times. .

In addition, like all other traditional applications, Mi Home also allows users to customize other settings such as list or grid display, shortcut settings, notification mode, and sound management. alarms, language preferences and automatic software updates.

How to check if you have installed the mi home app correctly

How to Add New Xiaomi Smart Home Device

Ok, we go to one of the most important parts, which is how to add a device to the Mi home application to be able to control it. But first, let's talk briefly about the ways of communication of Xiaomi devices.

After a period of learning and using many Xiaomi smart home devices, I have these note after:

1. Normally, if the Xiaomi home device you buy does not have a WiFi connection, and only has Zigbee communication, you need to buy an additional Xiaomi Gateway Central Controller, then you can connect and control it. Through the Mi home application, this central controller will connect the signal from the Xiaomi door sensor (and many other sensors such as Xiaomi temperature sensor, Xiaomi motion detection sensor ...) into Internet.

2. If the device already has WiFi connectivity to the Internet and Bluetooth connectivity to identify the device, you can easily add the device to the Mi home application directly without any additional requirements.

However, life is the same, nothing is complete, without the central gateway Xiaomi gateway, you will lose the ability to combine with Xiaomi smart sensors via Zigbee communication, one of the devices. Essential - creating a foundation for automation and many smart features that Xiaomi has worked hard on for users.

Here is an example of me connecting the Xiaomi Desk Lamp to the Mi Home app

1. On the home page of the application, click the sign icon “+” on the top right corner of the screen to add devices.

2. You have 2 options, one is to add a device manually, this way you just need to find the device you want to add in the list of Xiaomi products, select that device and follow the instructions on the screen, disadvantages The way to do this is to spend a lot of time searching for equipment and sometimes the product lines with similar looks and names are confusing.

So we go to the second option is the device recognition mode, in this mode, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the phone to identify and you just need to tap the device displayed on the screen. I recommend this method because it is very convenient and fast.

3. Usually, to identify the device you need to hold down the button "Reset" device within 3 seconds to activate BLE, the light will blink to notify you that you are in search mode.

Statistics list of posts that install standard mi home apps

The next step is to make sure your device is connected to the internet. Search for available WiFi network and login password of this WiFi. With this, the device will automatically connect to Xiaomi's server, update the software and create a link with your Xiaomi account.

• Note, once the Xiaomi smart home device (such as sensors, or Xiaomi smart camera) is already associated with a public Xiaomi account (ACCOUNT A), this device will suffer "Lock" with that account (ACCOUNT A), meaning you will not be able to add or associate devices with other Xiaomi accounts (ACCOUNT B), unless you previously removed the device from the linked account (ACCOUNT A).

In addition, we can easily share and control the device with another Xiaomi account in the "account settings" section as mentioned above. This is one of the very useful features for families with many members, helping everyone can easily control the house, and be more active in any situation.

This makes the Xiaomi ecosystem different, very listening and meeting the expectations of the majority of users.

Connect xiaomi smart devices to the mi home app

Instructions for smart home automation with Xiaomi smarthome products

Automation - Automation is a great part of the smart home system, because if you just turn it on and off remotely, it's not worth you to spend that much money on your home.

If you are using Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem, then the Mi Home app already has this feature and you can do almost 80% ideas that you have in mind. 

Let's get started with Automation tab, here you need to note the 4 basic things:

1. Tab section "Scenes" will display a list of automated tasks that you have set in advance. Here you will have task cards with a name reminiscent of your own and associated devices, and you can also quickly turn on and off by "switch" blue switch.

In addition, the Mi Home application allows you to customize the conditions - the results of this task by clicking the card you want.

2. Tab section "Logs" acts as a diary of the house, containing notifications from the sensor when the state changes, you can easily look up the history of opening and closing with timelines or you will monitor the motion detection in the Camera view.

3. To add automation settings, click the sign icon “+” right corner of the screen. I'll explain in detail in the next section, but it's basically just a series of events you set up with structure "If ... then"

For example IF Xiaomi's door opening and closing sensor detects the door opening status, THEN The Xiaomi central controller will sound an alarm. 

Instructions to download the mi Home app

Setting Operating Conditions

The Mi Home application has designed 3 conditions you can use immediately, with these 3 conditions, almost everything can be done within the framework of the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. We will turn to each of these conditions:

+ Manual activation conditions

As the name implies, once this condition is met, the result will be realized at that time.

For example: You choose manual activation conditions with the result of turning on the night light on the Xiaomi central controller gateway -> when you run this task, the light will be on.

+ Time conditions

Similar to the above condition, but the difference is that the result will not be immediately implemented but will be realistic with the time you want and moreover, you can create a loop in cycles of days, good things by week for that action.

For example: You set the condition every day at 7:00 AM, the Xiaomi central controller will sound an alarm. -> When you run this task, the alarm tone from Xiaomi gateway every day will automatically sound at 7am.

+ Weather conditions

With this condition, you can activate external tasks including sunset or sunrise, ambient temperature or humidity and concentration of microscopic dust (PM2.5) in the air.

For example: When the air quality index (AQI) is higher than 75, it will activate the Xiaomi smart air purifier and send a notification to the phone.

In addition, each Xiaomi sensor or smart home device comes with a variety of trigger events.

Eg Xiaomi's door opening and opening sensor will have conditions to activate such as "When the door is open", "when the door is closed" or "The door is opened for more than 1 minute", the Xiaomi central controller has the condition "Night" or " Alarm ”… etc.

Instructions for installing Mi Home Sercurity Camera 360

Set Results For Tasks

Xiaomi has done a good job in designing a simple yet powerful and extremely accessible application for new users with self-explanatory naming. Similarly, the results of the automation section are quite easy to understand, including the following features:

+ Turn off / on the task

The purpose of this option is to enable you to enable or disable this task once the condition is met.

For example: You want the task of opening the alarm when the door is opened only after 5 PM every day.

+ Send notification to the device

This option helps you receive notifications to your phone whenever conditions activate.

For example such as when Xiaomi Smart Door Lock has entered the wrong password more than 3 times or someone tries to open an invalid fins, an alert will alert your phone to help you proactively handle the situation.

+ Add time delay

This is a nice feature when you just want the task to wait a while before moving on to another action.

For example: You want to set up a feature when you are near the door at night, then the door light will be turned on for 30 seconds so that you can see the door opening and after 30 seconds, the light will turn off. 

Similar to the activation conditions, depending on the Xiaomi smart home device you own, there will be many results built into the device's software.

Eg The Xiaomi smart desk lamp has a built-in ability to turn on / off, adjust the brightness and hue, etc., or as the Xiaomi Gateway central controller is available with a ringtone, radio or night light function. .

Instructions for using Xiaomi Smarthome

With this article, I hope to help newbies learn and use the Mi Home - App Xiaomi, which can easily manage and automate the Xiaomi smart home. I wish you success after seeing the instruction of using Mi Home application and having fun with your smarthome system.

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