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What are the Best Smart Courses of the year?

1. Best Smart Lock Of The Year Xiaomi Aqara S2 - One of Xiaomi's Outstanding Representatives

Introducing Top 5 Best Smart Courses of the Year

Xiaomi is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers of the smart home market. Its security products are monitored by both businesses and ordinary consumers evaluate Very positive.

How To Install Smart Lock Xiaomi Loock Classic

Mi Home Application - Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem Management Software

Detailed evaluation of Xiaomi Smart Mijia Smart Door Lock

Best smart lock of the year Xiaomi Aqara S2 is one of Xiaomi's key and high-end products for the smart door lock market, when at the moment, few smart door locks in the price range are equipped with identification capabilities. Fingerprints and high-grade shaft locks are often found in expensive traditional mechanical locks.

Moreover. With Xiaomi's diverse ecosystem, it's easy to design a fully automated home once you open the door! Imagine how great it would be if your house lights came on automatically, curtains were pulled out, and air purifiers started working. Once connected to the Aqara Hub central controller, you will have the added Siri virtual assistant feature and the ability to link with the Apple ecosystem, which has been very popular with technology enthusiasts.

It is not lacking to mention the Mi Home key management application with the highest level of customization, in addition, the application allows you to unlock with Bluetooth and has the function of opening and closing diary with information of each member. in the family.

The lock also has smart anti-theft with a sensor that detects a lock or pry the door, will immediately alert the owner and combine with Xiaomi Smart Surveillance Camera - can automatically record and collect criminal evidence. With so many advanced features and finishes Xiaomi Aqara S2 smart door lock deserve to be named first in the list of Best Smart Courses of the Year.

Advantages of the best Smart Lock of the year Xiaomi Aqara S2:

  • Many diverse unlock modes
  • High-grade locking core shaft 
  • Connect with Xiaomi smart home 
  • Beautiful design
  • Good price


  • Need to use central controller Xiaomi gateway or Aqara hub to control

2. Best Smart Lock Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt - Support for Alexa voice commands

Updated Top 5 Best Smart Courses of the Year

How great would it be if you could control the locks indoors just by giving orders? This is what Touchbol Deadbolt promises to offer its customers.

Admittedly the device is compatible with Amazon Alexa is a huge and perfect achievement for any lazy young man like me. Instead of moving on my own, I tend to look for devices that enhance my lazy ability. Alexa helps lock to be able to synchronize with different smart home settings.

Do you want your house to light up when you walk into it? Do you like a hot cup of coffee as soon as you set foot in your cathedral? Well, the Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt manages to perform all these tasks along with many others. All you need to do is configure the settings and enjoy! Your life will be easier than before.

One of the most beneficial features for me is that you can store more than 250 PINs in the lock system. This is ideal for all forgotten souls out there.

Even if you forget the pin code of the lock, you can set another backup code and even back up to a backup if that is necessary for you.

When it comes to compatibility, smart lock the best The Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt can be used with a range of home security systems ranging from Honeywell and to Elk and Control4. Moreover, the lock is compatible with both independent Z-Wave and ZigBee networks. Such diverse compatibility ensures that smart keys can be used regardless of which security system you have.


  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt uses no bandwidth to connect to phones, tablets or PCs
  • Even if you do not have internet access, you can still use traditional keys to unlock the door
  • The privacy mode of the lock is perfect for locking people when you need time alone. All you need to do is order it, and the system takes care of the rest
  • The system of product setup is guided by voice

Cons Best Smart Lock of the Year - Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

  • High price

3. Xiaomi Loock Classic Smart Door Lock - Impressive Design With Many Prestige Awards

Top 5 Best Smart Courses of the Year

This is the second Smart Door lock on the list from Xiaomi manufacturer. Just like its brother Xiaomi Aqara S2, the Xiaomi Loock Classic smart door lock is equipped with the most advanced technology in an angular body, which is certainly only found in traditional high-end mechanical locks.

It can be affirmed that this is the best smart lock of the year with the most flawless and sophisticated I've ever seen on other smart door lock products in the same segment. This product brings to Xiaomi's talented design team the winner of two prestigious design awards in 2018, IF Design and Red Dot Design. 

Xiaomi Loock Classic smart door lock is also one of the first locks on the market that allows users to open doors without keys, fingerprints, passwords, smartphones, traditional locks. Moreover, the touch keyboard is equipped with password-proofing capabilities, even if someone is trying to see your code. In addition, you can view the log entry through the Mi Home application. 

Great product Best smart lock of the year Xiaomi Loock Classic is definitely a gift for those who love technology and beauty. If you are looking for a smart door lock that not only meets all your requirements from the features to the certainty of the locking core, but also has an impressive appearance from simplicity, sophistication and luxury to fit your luxury apartment, then I assert, all your smart lock search can pause here!


  • Beautiful design with exquisite appearance
  • High security with high-class locking shaft
  • Many smart unlocking features
  • Alarm intrusion or break the key


  • Slightly thick locks suitable for large doors

4. Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS P718 - Link with Samsung Smart Home

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When you hear the Samsung brand, you imagine the product is of high quality as well as leading the technology. Indeed, Samsung is one of the pioneering manufacturers to turn the devices around us into intelligent systems. I find that this electronic door lock has succeeded in promoting the legacy of Samsung.

The feature that appealed to me for this specific key, rather than any other similar product in Samsung's portfolio, is that the SHS-P718 is the best smart lock of the year that offers interoperability with systems. Samsung Smart Home. This means you integrate your door lock with systems like security sensors and Smart camera. This feature creates a comprehensive home security system that increases the provided safety.

Alternatively, you can use the Samsung app to access information like the person who logged into the system while you were away. Remember, only authorized friends can unlock the system. However, it is good to know who entered your home when you were not there.

For those of you who want to provide this fingerprint access to your siblings and relatives, you'll find the option of 100 fingerprints for your convenience. You will have control via the app about who your fingerprint can be used to access the locker system and you can regain this access whenever you want.

Digital locks also create a point of convenience by understanding that some people tend to remember a PIN with the given numbers. For example, I can only remember the PINs that have five digits in them. This lock can set a PIN from 4 to 12 numbers

However, one of the main features of this product and also one of the features makes its usability selective for a certain type of door. The design of the smart lock is so that it can only be operated with a handle, not a knob. Therefore, if your doors have knobs, you may want to change them into handles, you should consider trading


  •  Provides the option to allow multiple people access without compromising security and your role as a controller
  • Touch screen is excellent
  • The lock can fit on the door handle, so you don't need to make many changes to the door hardware


  • High price
  • It can not be used for door knobs

5. Smart Door Lock Lockitron Bolt - Automatic Opening

Sum the Top 5 Best Smart Courses of the Year

There is a high probability that you have never heard of it Smart door lock Lockitron bolt or Lockitron carrier. This is quite understandable because Lockitron is quite new in the market. However, from what I have heard and experienced, the Lockitron bolt is very interesting with its quality promises.

While this list has been dominated by high-end items, Lockitron bolt has succeeded in providing all the necessary features at a very affordable cost. Many of us expect a cost effective home security system, and this can be a good place to start.

Moreover, the design of the product is quite modern. It is the perfect blend of high technology and style. This can act as a great addition to your home decor. Beige and white colors have the ability to mix colors for most door colors.

Lockitron bolt has a completely non-physical key design, which is the heart of any smart lock. Because the smart lock will be installed on the inside of the door, it is safe from contact with intruders and likely not to be tampered with in your absence.

What I admire is that the smart door lock Lockitron bolt automatically opens when you approach the door. This makes returning home from grocery shopping less of a nightmare because you no longer have to fumble for keys when you try to balance different shopping bags. Free-hand and keyless is definitely the future of door lock.

Most other locks come with a separate set of keys. However, the Lockitron brand strives to create a key that fits all your current traditional locks. Moreover, the Lockitron application allows you to be informed about who enters your home.

Best smart lock five Lockitron Bolt advantages

  • Low cost
  • The Lockitron Sense feature brings a whole new meaning to hands-free access
  • Quality performance satisfactory


  • As it is new in the market, long-term performance cannot be assessed
  • Very basic features


  1. Thank you for advice, honestly, I do not know anything about these things, but I have not found out which party to buy and what kind, and having this article of yours is too great 🙂

  2. The smart door lock now looks like a smartphone, right? Each year produces 1 and 1 assortment always, so if you do not know how to use it for years is an outdated lock

    1. Hi Hai,
      It is true that the key of each year is one line but not like the phone where you do not worry, phones running under the fashion and technology upgrade before requiring the previous one will be limited in terms of equipment and capacity, But smart door lock is not so you assured

  3. So, I can buy any kind of lock here, right? Because according to the list, these types are currently the best and the most popular, right?

    1. That's right, you can find out and buy any of the products introduced by Mihub above. But the problem is that you need to determine and know for sure how much you can afford, how much you can afford to buy.

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