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Smart Door Lock - Surely with this phrase, this device at the present time, for everyone is certainly not strange anymore, right? Because technology development leads to the race of technology corporations on the development of smart products and devices with absolute safety and security. Therefore, electronic smart door lock is not outside the target product of these technology corporations. So what is a smart door lock? What are the benefits of electronic door lock? And where to buy smart electronic door lock? ... With these questions, you will find the answer in this article.

What is a smart door lock?

Smart door lock belongs to the category of electronic door lock. In a quick and understandable way, smart door lock is a type of lock used to lock the door, but is integrated with many smart features, to increase security, safety, and convenience.

What is smart door lock? Smart lock sold where

How Does Smart Door Lock Benefit?

As mentioned above, with the strong development of current technology, smart door lock is put into use as an essential demand, a security equipment product equipped with equipment in every office, villa, vila, apartment, town house, etc. Or in general, it is an indispensable device for every family. Because the benefits of smart door locks bring life more problems than we think:

+ Quick Opening / Closing Time

With a traditional lock, it usually takes a few minutes to close or open a door, so if it were to open and close 10 or more, how many minutes would you take? As for the smart door lock, it only takes you 2 to 4 seconds to unlock and close the door to automatically close according to the smart mechanism.

The address specializes in selling various types of cheap smart door locks

Smart door lock opens and closes quickly and conveniently

+ Convenience of Smart Door Lock

If you have a traditional door lock, you need to bring your embankment key everywhere you go. If you only have one key, it is not very inconvenient, right? But what if you have dozens or hundreds of keys? This is definitely a problem worth thinking about and it's time for the action to change, right? The smart door lock has an auto-opening mechanism that can be activated via a quick smartphone, or a unique biometric reader.

System installation

Smart lock incorporates fingerprint biometric technology

+ Safety - High Security

The smart door lock in the keyhole is replaced with a biometric reader or smart device so there is no door opening or breaking. Using fingerprints is very difficult to fake, so the security and security is extremely high. And because it is smart, when any prying act, acting on the impact, the sound alarm of the door lock will be turned on.

Smart door lock convenient to use and high security

Smart door lock security, high anti-theft ability

+ Convenience

Smart door lock can almost be installed on all types of doors, because it's basically like a traditional door lock in terms of shape, except smart door locks are integrated with technology, electronic devices instead. because mechanics like traditional door locks.

+ Control of Access History

When installing smart door lock, you can fully set to record the history of specific access, date and time. Therefore, in addition to using smart door locks for individuals, it is very suitable for use in companies, offices, construction sites, etc. With flexible mechanism and install as you like, you can also install. who will be unlocked for a certain period of time, then the control will be tighter but with just a few simple settings on the application or on the door lock.

+ Easy to Use

When it comes to technology, at present, many parts of our country will think that it is difficult and complicated. But in fact the opposite, smart door lock is very handy, in just a short time with a few basic operations that anyone can grasp, can remember and use it proficiently. .

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Smart door locks are easy to use and highly aesthetic

+ Aesthetics

Smart door locks currently on the market have a lot of manufacturers' lines. Not only do they always focus on improving and integrating features and technology into their products, but they also never forget to design luxurious, beautiful and aesthetic designs for their products. And you can easily find, choose the right door lock set, suitable for the family's interior.

Smart Door Lock Sell Address - Install Prestige Smart Door Lock?

Currently on the market there are quite a lot of shops, companies specializing in providing services on buying and selling, installing all kinds of smart door locks and MiHub is one such unit.

Mihub's Vision

Every smart door lock we sell must meet four criteria and four features in Mihub's Vision: Level, Effect, Creativity, Sustainability

Mihub not only sells a specific smart door lock product, but is also committed to creating the most comprehensive solution for the security and comfort needs of modern life. We aspire to be a companion with every Vietnamese family and business!

History of Mihub

Mihub was founded in 2018, though still young, but with the ambition to enter the smart device security equipment and accessories distribution market of Mystic Group. Mihub has now become a supplier Types of smart door locks Aqara and LOOCK are only genuine in Vietnam, besides quality smart security products from Xiaomi, Samsung and other well-known brands.

Reasons You Should Choose

+ 24/7 Support

+ Installation Consulting

+ Nationwide Delivery

+ Multi-Channel Sales

+ Satisfaction Rate 99.9%

Products Smart Door Lock Available At MiHub:

Xiaomi Youpin OJJ X1 smart door lock

Smart Door Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door

Xiaomi LOOCK Classic Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi Aqara S2 Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi Mijia Sherlock Smart Door Lock

In addition, also provides other smart products and devices for your home such as: Smart Camera; Types of sensors, testing machines, intelligent vacuum cleaners see here.

All Your Needs Please Contact MiHub At The Information:

Address: 783 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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