General Rules And Purchasing Instructions


  • Mihub is committed to e-commerce activities in accordance with the law and the provisions of these policies.
  • Mihub understands the importance of respecting rights and obligations on the principle of freedom, voluntarily negotiating with You / Buyers on e-commerce website (after this is called "Guest Customer ”and We are transparent to all of Mihub's services to the Customer (after this is called "Translate service").
  • Please note that this General Policy and Regulations apply immediately when using our Services. Customer needs to read it carefully because at any time Customer uses the Service, that is, Customer has agreed to the terms and conditions that We have specified and the supplement of the Regulations. Customers are completely free and willing to negotiate in e-commerce transactions with us. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, Customer may refuse to use our Services.
  • We may amend, update or supplement this policy at any time. The revision will take effect at the time of our update. After the Policy is updated, Customer will still use the Service, which means Customer understands and agrees with the new Policy. Customers should regularly check the Policy for the latest updates.


When purchasing goods on, E-commerce websites, Mihub and customers have the following obligations:

a. Mihub

b. Customer

  • Comply with the provisions of freight delivery, payment, return and warranty published in the General Policy and Regulations, Information Security, Warranty Policy and exchange, return product.



Customers can order online through the following steps:
Shopping guide on
Step 1: Search for products
You can search for products by the following ways:
  • Type the product name into the search bar (1).
  • Search by product list on each product category (2).
Step 2: Add products to the cart
Once you have found the product you want, customers click on the image or product name to access the product details page, then:
  • Check product information: product type, price, promotion information.
  • Select the desired quantity.
  • Add product to cart.
Step 3: Check the basket and confirm your order
If Customer wants to continue shopping, and to place different products in the same order, please follow these steps:
  • Click on the Mihub logo to return to the homepage.
  • Continue shopping and add products to the shopping cart as in Step 2.
The process of adding products to the basket This customer can repeat until the Customer has finished buying the product.
After Customers have enough products to put in the cart, please enter the discount code (if yes) and press "Up on payment ”to start ordering.
Step 4: Payment
Select payment method and payment
  • Currently Mihub has 3 payment methods:
    • Cash payment on delivery (COD) or Cash payment for the case of picking up directly at Mihub's Store.
    • Online payment (Interner Banking / Visa, Master, JCB, VNPAY-QR)
    • Installment payment via credit card (Pressure For orders of more than VND 3 million)
  • Choose form of receipt
  • Customers choose 1 of 2 forms of receiving goods:
    • Delivery
    • Receive goods at the Store
  • Fill in the shipping information
  • Customers fill out the form
  • Complete payment
    • Please enter the discount code (if Yes) The system will then automatically jump the amount to be paid after deducting the discount code and shipping charges (if have).
    • Customers check all information about orders: products ordered, form of receipt, delivery address, billing information, total order value.
    • After checking, the Customer chooses “Corpse take".
    • After completing all orders, the system will send to the email address of the customer an order number and notify the estimated delivery time.
  • Goods can be rechecked by clicking on the order “Check Check orders ”.
Step 5: Track order status
Customers can track order status by:
  • Choose “Check Check orders ”and enter the mobile phone number and password that the customer has information on the content "Geography delivery only. "
  • Click "To post import"
  • The system will list the order, delivery address and the status of each order that the Customer has placed an order.


  • The price listed on the website is the price including VAT in accordance with the law and packaging costs.
  • This price does not include shipping costs. Shipping fee will be charged when the Customer makes a purchase on the website, shown on the Purchase confirmation step,
  • Shipping cost will depend on the weight and geographical location from Mihub to the customer.
  • Shipping costs include bulky freight and collection fees, Customers will not have to pay any extra charges.


  • Please check the goods and payments confirmed by Mihub at the Order before payment.
  • The amount that customers must pay for Mihub is the amount to be paid minus the discount code (if Yes) and plus shipping charges (if yes), shown on the website in step "Bar maths".


  • Mihub delivery nationwide and We always want to bring customers reasonable shipping process and the shortest shipping time.
  •  After Customer completes the purchasing process, Mihub will pack the products and deliver them to the Customer through the shipping Company's houses.
  •  Shipping fee will be charged when the Customer makes a purchase on the website shown on the Payment step, in accordance with the price policy that Mihub has announced.
  • Mihub will deliver according to the address selected by the Customer at the Checkout step, so please specify the address information including: house number, lane, village (neighbors), Ward (commune), District (District), city (the provincial).
  • Estimated delivery time: delivery within business hours (from 8:00 am to before 17:00 pm) working days, except Sundays, public holidays and New Year holidays as prescribed by law.
  • Expected delivery time: will depend on geographical location from Mihub to Customer, up to 7 business days.
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