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Keeping life safe is a perfect living experience!

We bring comprehensive intelligent security solutions
for your home and business.

Mihub's Activity

We are proud to be a genuine distributor of intelligent security products for the home of every Vietnamese family and the world. The products distributed by Mihub are not only global brands, but also ensure the quality of equipment manufacturing materials, integrated technology, creativity in both design appearance and operation mechanism, as well as Comfort factor, easy to use for all ages customers, all security purposes.

Mihub's Vision

Every product we sell must meet four criteria and four features in Mihub's Vision: Class, Effect, Innovation, Sustainability. Mihub not only sells a specific product, but also is committed to creating the most comprehensive solution for the needs of security and comfort of modern life. We aspire to be a companion with every Vietnamese family and business!

History of Mihub

Mihub was founded in 2018 with the ambition to enter the smart mobile device security equipment and accessories distribution market of startup group Mystic Group. Mihub has now become the only supplier of genuine Aqara and LOOCK smart door locks in Vietnam, in addition to quality smart security products from Xiaomi, Samsung and other famous brands.

What did you find at Mihub?

Mihub provides a full range of security equipment solutions on the basis of Internet applications from global brands, with key products such as Xiaomi Aqara smart door lock, LOOCK, Xiaomi 360 IP camera ... and products Other smart accessories follow the criteria of "unique", "beautiful" and "effective".

Experience the modernity with Mihub

Technology is to bring comfort, modernity and a high-end living experience. Together with Mihub, you will truly find all of the above. All technical barriers are no longer a concern with the installation / installation policy and detailed user manual for all devices from Mihub's technician team, and technical support throughout the use process.

Mihub's commitment

Security products and solutions at Mihub are imported and distributed genuine. All requirements for product quality and information security are committed to strict compliance.

Cooperating with Mihub

Mihub welcomes and wishes to provide products at Mihub to distributors across the country in need. Please contact us for more information.

What can we do for you?

Contact Mihub for advice on the Live Chat frame on the website, or call the hotline (+84) 83 539 9777 / (028) 3 539 9339.

All products at Mihub are committed to supporting installation, synchronization into the security ecosystem of your home, as well as technical support throughout the use period.

Mihub supports delivery to all regions across the country for a fee of only VND 30,000, committing to receive the goods within a maximum of 03 working days.

Mihub supports a variety of ordering methods, including via website, phone, fan page, and e-commerce channels such as Shopee, Tiki and Lazada.

In any case, Mihub is committed to bringing the highest satisfaction to customers.

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