Xiaomi Cooperates With Youdian to Launch Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock 1

Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock Is The Combination Of Xiaomi And Youdian

Xiaomi is one of China's largest smart device manufacturers, with the motto of providing intelligent solutions for all types of household products and helping to completely automate common tasks.

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In particular, on security devices, Xiaomi launched a series Electronic door lock Smart and all have unique technology integration. An interesting fact about this brand is that Xiaomi makes cost-effective innovations by partnering with other leading outsourcing companies.

Recently, the company introduced the Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock on the market, which can be considered as a perfect choice that households are interested in upgrading their smart door locks. When it comes to buying a smart door lock product, durability is the most prerequisite.

Smart door lock Xiaomi M2 ensures maximum safety for your home and is ready to serve you for a very long time.

Xiaomi Cooperates With Youdian to Launch Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock
Xiaomi M2 Advanced Smart Door Lock has a stainless steel body, providing strong shock resistance, anti-lock, anti-grab, instant automatic lock without having to pull or lock with the key .

The Xiaomi M2 smart door lock is equipped with a high-class Class C lock core hidden at the bottom of the keyhole. Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock has fingerprint security feature to ensure maximum safety for users. After fingerprint recognition, the door lock automatically opens.

With 7 levels of alarm with high security, the key also has a Mijia processor for industrial-level security encryption, allowing this lock to serve you perfectly in all conditions. The Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock measures 7.60 x 2.90 x 40.00 cm and weighs 6,500 grams, with a very luxurious appearance and good ergonomics.

Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock has any special features
Key points for Xiaomi M2 Smart Door Lock product:

  • Fully automatic zipper, using fingerprint to open the door, safe and time-saving.
  • Integrated push pull design, lock the lock for protection in the house
  • Automatic locking mechanism, activate an outdoor button, multiple unlocking methods
  • 7 advanced protection alarms, Mijia security industry encryption chip
  • Automatically closes anti-lock doors, prevents children from opening and strangers behind, touch buttons
  • Share Bluetooth keys to friends via APP mi home
  • High-class Class C anti-theft lock, biometric fingerprint
  • Integrated into the system smart home your easily
  • Key material is zinc alloy, password 32 bits.

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