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Today, Mihub continues to introduce to you the series of articles introducing the best Samsung smart door locks on the market, you can refer to your previous articles in the description link below.

List SAMSUNG Smart Door Lock Is The Most Favorable Market Currently

It would be remiss not to mention the Samsung brand in the field of smart home, where Samsung introduced a series of security and automation solutions that are highly appreciated by experts. One of them, then Smart door lock Samsung is also one of the key products and gives a name to manufacturers from the land of Kimchi. Let's go through the top 9 of Samsung smart lock products.

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10 Things to Look Out for When Buying Smart Door Locks

Samsung Smart Lock SHS P718

OK evaluate deserved to be at the top of the rankings, users rated it highly electronic lock SHS P718 in both features and design. Using optical fingerprint scanning technology, P718 fingerprint recognition extremely accurate within 1s. In particular, children and the elderly with fuzzy lines can also easily open the door.

Besides, if detecting suspicious door opening behavior such as: prying the lock, playing with the door lock, wrong password several times, ... Samsung SHS P718 electronic lock will ring an alarm to alert your family.

Samsung Smart Lock Sales Address SHS P718

Electronic lock Samsung SHS 705

Known as a line of Samsung smart door locks with high-end handles, Samsung SHS 705 owns many optimal utilities for users. Only with the operation of opening the door, the user can flexibly choose a variety of methods: scanning the laser fingerprint, using the security code or simply using the mechanical key to open the door.

Electronic lock Samsung SHS 705 best price

Electronic lock Samsung SHS P717

Not only famous for its fingerprint lock series, Samsung smart door lock also owns the popular electronic card locks and passwords. One of the designs that can not be ignored is the SHS P717. SHS P717 inherits the opening design of a convenient push / pull operation, using a simple but luxurious design, extremely suitable for modern apartments.

Product review of Electronic Lock Samsung SHS P717

Smart door lock of Samsung SHP DS510

One "female beauty queen ”of Samsung smart electronic lock without a handle, winning the prestigious American design idea award, SHP DS510 has captured the hearts of users by its compact but martial design.

Besides the mid-range price, suitable for both glass doors and small hinged doors are also plus points for this type of lock when quite easy to use for traditional door systems in Vietnam.

Review of the Samsung Smart Door Lock Device SHP DS510

Electronic lock Samsung SHP DS705

Round and small as a clock, but it is a device that brings high security for your space. Launched in 2016, SHP DS705 has quickly stormed the technology security village with a very small design but fully integrated with the best features of a smart electronic lock.

The store specializes in providing Samsung SHP DS705 Electronic Lock

Samsung burglar door lock SHS-3321

SHS-3321 digital door lock allows the number of users up to 70 people. You can unlock with a card or pin, but at the same time users can only use one of these two options.

In addition to intrusion and fire alerts, the lock is equipped with an antistatic system and emergency unlock feature for added safety. 

Door lock anti-theft Samsung SHS-3321 should buy where to ensure the most

Samsung Smart Electronic Door Lock SHS-2320

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-2320 is equipped with touch screen and extremely user-friendly interface. Dual verification feature(THE BATTERY+ Card) increases security.

With 6VDC power you can use within about 10 months, low battery warning helps users monitor and replace batteries in time. With Double-locking mode, you can prevent outsiders from opening. 

Whether the electronic door lock Samsung SHS-2320 is durable or not

Cheap Samsung electronic lock SHS-1321

Samsung SHS-1321 electronic lock is quite cheap with maximum data for 20 users. Digital touch keyboard is resistant to scratches, shockproof. The product is equipped with automatic locking mode, external power connection so you can handle emergencies in case of running out of battery.

Order now a SamSung SHS-1321 smart door lock kit to add to the list of devices smart home The best quality for your home.

Electronics lock Samsung cheap SHS-1321 genuine cheap goods

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-H505

Electronic lock, Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-H505 with handle and touch screen. lock up H505 Can be opened in many ways such as by code, contactless card or mechanical key, can be extended further. Moreover, up to 30 cards can be expanded, the function automatically locks when closed, alarms when there is a break in and a fire. with alloy lock body design.

+ Size: 81 x 302 x 20 mm, Samsung SHS Smart Door Lock H505 Required door thickness from 38-52 mm, Door width above 115mm

Does Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-H505 use a lot of electricity?

The above is list Samsang smart door locks are currently the most popular on the market, with superior features, reasonable prices. In addition to providing genuine Xiaomi smart door lock devices, Samsung smart door locks are also available Mihub supplied with the manufacturer's original price, installation mode and warranty in accordance with SamSung. For further information and product needs, please contact us via the Hotline 0974 023 623


  1. Introduce yourself some kind of good smart door lock to use for apartments with home, thank you

    1. The above types are all read, but if you can refer, you refer to this list

  2. Does Samsung SHS-P718 anti-theft fingerprint lock make it scream when it is touched?

    Tuấn Anh
  3. What is the highlight of Samsung Electronic Door Lock SHP-DP727? Can I share a little?

    1. In case of emergency you cannot open the door with a pin or fingerprint, you can use the mechanical key. The lock is equipped with a backup battery so you can rest assured if you forget to check to lock out the battery.

  4. How much is the Samsung SHP-DP728 fingerprint lock about?

  5. Hello,
    I need to install a smart door lock system for a gold shop, does your party accept it?

  6. Samsung card magnetic lock is more expensive or Samsung fingerprint door lock is more expensive

  7. Can I go home and install it yourself?

    1. Hi, you can buy it and install it yourself.
      But my side has a service of delivery and installation. In my side, there will be a professional smart key repair and installation worker to come to install, maintain and use instructions for you.

  8. I want to buy my key, so can I get it delivered and what is the price? I live in District 1, HCMC. How to install?

  9. Samsung electronic door locks of any kind are good and easy to install

  10. If you want to buy a smart fingerprint lock, you should buy and use which is guaranteed

  11. I am very confused whether to buy samsung smart door lock or Xiaomi smart door lock

    Tung Khang
    1. Hi Tung Khang ...
      Each type has a good point, its own strengths, if Tung Khang is confused, you can leave a phone number so that Mihub will contact additional advice or directly contact his party's hotline.

  12. Let me ask my friend said that the Samsung electronic lock can only be inserted into the opening door with the pull-out style, but it cannot be installed in the opening-opening door type, right? Or is there a model that pushes the door open? Thank you…

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