Smart Door Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Essential (No NFC)

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Feature Genuine Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Mi Smart Door Lock (No NFC) genuine Available at MiHub.vn

  • Class C core lock
  • AI technology for 3D fingerprint recognition
  • 5 unlock modes: fingerprint, Bluetooth, password, temporary password, key
  • Remote alarm bell
  • Anti breaking lock
  • Remote monitoring with the Mi Home application
  • Can be used for righties and lefties

5,499,000 6,000,000

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Product Intelligent Door Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Essential (No NFC)

Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock (No NFC) There is a simple, sophisticated design with luxurious black. To give customers the best experience with different situations that can happen in daily life.

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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock offers a very flexible unlocking methods to choose from: direct fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking on smartphones.

Design Of Smart Door Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock (No NFC)

The front of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock is made of IML acrylic explosion-proof tempered glass and the material durability is very high compared to similar products.

When in the inactive state, the entire locking body is covered in pure black for a sense of seamlessness and rigidity. The door handle and keyhole cover are covered with rough paint for a good grip experience.

Like the main door locks, the upper half of the face of the lock is a hidden row of number keys. When we enter the password, it will be subtly hidden, which not only protects and hides the password well, but also helps to harmonize the entire lock body.


Front lock smart door Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Made of tempered glass. The keyboard area is touch-sensitive and has a backlight, integrated completely hidden in the control panel.

The reinforced edges of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock control panel are reinforced with metal to protect the entire panel from strong impact forces. Although this is a relatively affordable product, the product still provides a luxurious look.

Unlocked By Fingerprint Sensor

Biometric technology is not uncommon, appearing in many smart devices today. It includes fingerprints, iris and face recognition. All of these have managed to appear in all kinds of door lock products. However, the most common and most familiar to consumers is the unlock of fingerprint recognition.

The fingerprint recognition reader of xiaomi lock is ranked as the most advanced today, able to recognize fingerprints in different environmental situations with fast and accurate performance, Xiaomi Mi Smart smart door lock Door Lock will open after a few seconds, even when opened with wet or dirty hands without a delay.

In the past, smart door locks using biometrics often had relatively high rejection rates. Users often need to verify fingerprints multiple times to pass and experience very poor.

This is absolutely not happening in the experience of using the product Xiaomi Mi Smart Door LockXiaomi has been using the Swedish Precise Biometrics (PB) algorithm and has been able to support the extensive library of fake fingerprints.

As a leading fingerprint algorithm company, PB algorithm is applied in domestic and foreign financial institutions as well as foreign bank cards.

Unlock By Bluetooth

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock supports unlocking your phone by Bluetooth, and also equipped with Mijia security chip, which can encrypt the entire Bluetooth communication content. Therefore, users can feel secure because the whole unlocking process is safe and reliable.

Unlock with Password (Password)

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock also supports the function of virtual password to prevent peeping.

Add some random numbers in front of and behind the correct password to confuse strangers who might peek behind you. As long as the total number of passwords entered does not exceed 16 digits, it does not affect the normal unlocking, as shown in the image below.

The number entered in the picture above is 123123, and the door lock opens smoothly.

Smart Door Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock imported

The number entered in the picture above is 000 123123 666. After clicking the unlock button, the door lock can still be opened normally.

Smart Lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock how much money in Saigon

Unlocked With Key In Emergency

One of the "good value for money" of smart door lock is that people can forget the existence of the key in everyday life, but in extreme cases, they still need an emergency. Traditional logic. You can place two emergency keys in the office or take them with you in case you need them.

Other Features Of Xiaomi Smart Lock Mi Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock is equipped with many safety sensors


1. The keylock detection sensor can identify the case of the keyhole being inserted abnormally continuously for a long time, an alarm message will be issued to alert the head of household.

2. Panel vibration detection sensor will send a warning message when it detects that the panel is vibrating.

3. The sensor detects various status updates of the door lock and can immediately leave a log record on the user's phone and also notify related messages.

4. The lock detection status sensor will prompt the user when the latch is in an unlocked state.

Review and review Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Mi Smart Door Lock
The safety sensor on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock smart lock

Safety button of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock smart door lock Can be used as a childproof anti-lock knob. It needs to be pressed hard to turn, this can prevent the child from locking the door by mistake while operating at home and cannot open the door.

Moreover, once it is in anti-lock mode, all normal users cannot unlock it from the door except the head of household and the emergency key. This can effectively prevent illegal intrusion from outside after the password is accidentally leaked.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock supports temporary password setting on the Mihome app. When a visitor comes, you can create a temporary password for the guest and you can customize the effective date and effective period.

Mi Home application Not only can Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock smart door lock link to check status, browse logs, remote settings as mentioned above but also access to realize comprehensive link with products smart home Other via Bluetooth and WiFi. You can even customize the link context for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock smart door lock.

High Class Class C Core

The most important element of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Smart Door Lock: Class C Ferrule Class Lock, gives you the highest level of security.

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Trademark Mi Smart Door Lock
Lock Type Smart fingerprint lock
Color Black
How to Unlock Fingerprint, Phone, NFC, Bluetooth, Key, Password
Operating System Supported iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and above
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Password Length From 6 to 16 characters
Number of Passwords 50
Number of Fingerprints 50
Number of NFC Devices 25
Fingerprint Identification Type Use live sensors
Main material Alloy steel
Suitable Door Thickness 40 ~ 80 mm
Mass 5 Kg
Size 353 x 78 x 30 mm
1 x Front lock
1 x Back lock
1 x Complete set of accessories
1 x Instruction manual
8 x AA Batteries
1 x Diagram of drilling

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