Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector And Smart Smoke Detector

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Some advantages of Vietnam Smoke Sensor - Smart Fire Alarm Xiaomi Honeywell Genuine products at MiHub.vn

  • Advanced smoke detection sensor built in
  • Independent use mode
  • Combined with central Xiaomi gateway controller
  • Low energy consumption


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Product Xiaomi Honeywell Smart Smoke Detector and Smoke Detector In Ho Chi Minh City

Fire is one of the obsessions of large urban residents or condominiums today. Timely detection of fires not only helps to prevent well but also reduces damage to people and property.

With such a situation, Xiaomi Honeywell smart smoke and smoke detectors are one of the devices to be considered for any apartment, helping you always be proactive in preventing potential fire hazards. term

Xiaomi Honeywell smoke alarms It has a compact cylindrical shape with the whole body made entirely of good heat resistant material, for long time use.

With advanced smoke detection sensors built in, it helps detect the risk of fire from the earliest stage before the formation of fire and spread gradually into a fire.

If warned and proactively handled in time, it is completely possible to control the situation and avoid unnecessary damage.

In standalone mode, Xiaomi Honeywell smart smoke and smoke detectors It is also possible to detect and pronounce alerts thanks to the built-in speakerphone, which helps all members to capture the situation, promptly evacuate and handle fire situations.

In addition, tXiaomi Honeywell smoke alarms can be used in combination with the central control unit xiaomi gateway and other devices through the protocol. Zigbee

With Mi home application, you can fully monitor the house and receive alerts from smoke sensors in real time, even when you are not at home, so you can be assured of business or long-term travel .

The device has low power consumption, for long time use without having to worry about the battery, in addition the battery is designed to be easily replaced. 

TXiaomi Honeywell smoke alarm device is a useful device for your home and fully deserves what it brings, helping reduce the risk of fire by early warning, proactive control of the situation wherever you are. 

Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detectors and Smart Smoke Detectors in Saigon

Product reviews of Xiaomi Honeywell Smart Smoke Detectors and Smoke Detectors in Ho Chi Minh City

Use fireproof materials (just Oxygen number> 35) 

The built-in battery can last 5 years in normal working condition.

Product details Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector and Smart Fire Detector

Install Xiaomi Honeywell smart smoke and smoke detectors

The sensor can be operated independently or used in combination with other Xiaomi devices via the Xiaomi gateway central controller.

All the above settings are made on the Mihome application, the ecosystem management application smart home appliances from Xiaomi.

Comparison of Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector and Smart Smoke Detector parameters in Ho Chi Minh City

You do not need to check manually, all can be monitored automatically via Mihome application or turn on the function "Prompt device inspection reminder ” to ensure the sensor works perfectly.

Address specializing in selling Smoke Detectors and Smart Fire Alarm Xiaomi Honeywell

You can stay in control of the situation of your home regardless of whether you are at home or not.

When smoke concentration [1] is too high, the alarm will immediately sound a warning, and will also send a notification to your phone.

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So the above is a perfect product, too necessary for your house next to the system Smart camera good Smart door lock is not? If you have any product reviews or questions about your product, you can contact us at Hotline (+84) 974023623 request Mihub Consulting support.

[1] Air quality index

Product's name
Mi Honeywell
High quality ABS plastic
Size (L x W x H)
9.00 x 3.60 x 2.50 cm

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