Xiaomi Mijia Motion Temperature Sensor

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Features of Xiaomi Mijia Motion Temperature Sensor Genuine

  • Is touch motion detection
  • Can be combined with many other smart devices
  • Through the Mihome software to install
  • Must use the same Xiaomi Gateway central controller


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Xiaomi Mijia Motion Temperature Sensor

Combined with central control unit to detect the movements of people or pets. Is one smart home appliances extremely useful.

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Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor cheap tphcm

Xiaomi Mijia Motion Temperature Sensor Combines other Xiaomi Mijia smart devices

+ By using multiple motion heat sensors, each room can be a smart sensor.

+ Automatically turn off the air conditioner before going to bed, turn on the warm night light when you wake up at night. 

+ Just place the motion temperature sensor right next to the TV, the door and the nightstand. 

+ Feel the movement of people or pets whenever, smartly connected with other devices, make your life more convenient.

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Xiaomi Mijia Motion Temperature Sensor Easy installation

+ Compact, suitable for any scenario using any sensor

+ Mija motion heat sensor doesn't need to be installed, just place it or paste it on any surface.

Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor is good

Smart design

+ Mija motion sensor uses infrared thermoelectric sensor, through the motion of induction heat to assess whether people or animals. Lens made of Polyolefin material, used to improve the degree Exactly detecting, the shell uses UV material to fade the outer surface of the sensor to help keep the durable appearance beautiful without fading.

+ Use technology moisture resistant, even in humid environments can be used normally. and to be more safe, the sensor uses high quality flame retardant material, has good reception, 15ms faster than conventional materials.

Quality of Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor

Simple connection

Step 1: Add the Xiaomi Mijia sensor via the app

Step 2: Press the reset button and connect

Update the Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor

Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor includes:

  • Xiaomi Mijia motion heat sensor
  • Instruction book
  • Sticker

Instructions on how to install the Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor and what the kit includes

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Xiaomi Mijia
Motion heat sensor
The battery
2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.50 x 7.00 x 3.50 cm

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