Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Set)

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Feature Of Xiaomi honeywell gas alarm sensor (sharing the Homekit kit) Genuine available at MiHub.vn

  • ZigBee cloud technology
  • Connect with Mihome application
  • Send warning notifications about smartphones
  • Self-test reminder timer


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Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Set)

  • Zigbee cloud computing technology
  • Connect with Mihome application
  • Send alert notifications to your phone
  • Self-timer reminder

Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Kit) genuine tphcm

Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor Intelligent operation and high accuracy

+ When the gas monitoring area exceeds the alarm threshold. 

+ The device immediately emits a sound, turns on the alarm light and sends a notification to the phone application via a link with the Xiaomi central control.

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Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor Warning danger from afar 

The detection sensor sends information to central control unit gateway and emit user alerts in a timely manner. Help people in the family can detect and take preventive measures in time. Significantly limit the unfortunate fire accidents caused by gas leaks. Was smart home appliances Necessary for each household.

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Gas alarm when leak detected

Can instantly make sounds, signal lights and turn on the exhaust fan, processing natural gas quickly. Linking control of other zigbee devices, such as Zigbee version smart sockets, Aqara wall switch

Product Review Gas Sensor Xiaomi Honeywell (Shared Homekit) is purchased in Saigon

You can open the "device self-test reminder" in the Mihome application

+ The sensor will notify the gas status at the beginning of the day to ensure that everything is working normally

* Application requires central Xiaomi controller


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Advanced technology on Xiaomi Gaswell Gas Sensor

Real-time temperature compensation technology ensures accurate methane concentration in the home


Where is the Xiaomi Gaswell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Kit) purchased

Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor Compact and sophisticated design

+ with dimensions of 80 x 80 x 29mm.

+ All parts are made from high quality plastic


Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Kit) genuine

Wall mount position

+ Horizontal distance between a gas detector and a gas appliance or gas valve

+ No more than 4m of installation height and ceiling distance must be less than 0.3m and cannot be installed directly on gas-powered equipment.


Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Set) cheapest

Installed on the ceiling

+ Once the smoke concentration is too high, the smoke alarm will immediately alarm

+ and send reminder notifications through the Mihome app

Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Kit) high quality


Link to the central controller

Step 1: Power on

Step 2: Set up Mihome application


Should you buy Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor (Shared Homekit Kit)

Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Sensor Early Warning

Helps detect fires right from the start as just the first signs, improve protection and increase the success rate in the prevention and fire fighting

About the corporation Honeywell - Technology company is trusted by Xiaomi to cooperate

Honeywell is a global technology corporation ranked on the Fortune 100 list, with technology solutions that make everything more connected, from aircraft, to buildings, from factories, to supply chains, to the workers ... For a smarter, safer and more sustainable world


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High quality plastic
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