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Tutorial How To Set Xiaomi Smart Door Lock On Mihome App Fastest With 8 Simple Steps

Add Key to Application

For those who have used the ecosystem smart home Xiaomi, this step is not difficult and it is also the first step in setting up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on the MiHome App. For first time users, I have the following notes:

  • Please refer to the article Mihome application manual
  • Select region "China" For a list of products that only support the Chinese domestic market, you can see the section Xiaomi smart door lock As shown below will not be found in other geographical regions!
  • For Aqara lock series, required Xiaomi central controller gateway or Aqara Gateway central controller for communication and installation, but in return Aqara has very good smart home linkage.
  • To get ready for the connection between the management application and the Lock, you need to turn on the Bluetooth connection on the phone and press and hold the connection button on the door lock to enable pairing. (Refer to the picture at the end of the articlet)

How to Set up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on the most standard MiHome App

Overview of main screen of management application

In the main screen, you can use your phone to unlock Xiaomi via Bluetooth connection by clicking the lock status icon, now you can slide down the door handle to unlock immediately without authentication. nothing more.

Note How To Set Up Smart Door Lock Xiaomi On The MiHome App, this feature is effective only when you use the phone with bluetooth connection within close proximity of Xiaomi smart door lock.

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Lock Status

Setting Xiaomi Smart Door Lock On Mihome App need to check lock status. All Xiaomi smart door locks distributed by Mihub have the following open and close states. When the application screen shows one of the following icons, what does it mean?

  • Red Symbol: means that the Xiaomi door lock is in an open state or the door latch is inserted and only partially closed, at this time the indicator light and alarm tone will immediately issue a warning and notification about the phone.
  • Orange symbol: meaning that Xiaomi's door lock has been closed, the trigger is in place, in theory, even in this state, the stranger can not unlock it without successful authentication with a fingerprint or password. However, at this time the 3 security pins have not been activated by flicking the handle up! so there is still a possibility of a small door being unlocked.
  • Green icon: This is the most secure state of Xiaomi door lock, extremely secure and almost unbreakable. Mihub recommends always sliding the handle upwards to activate safety mode as soon as the door is closed.

How to Set up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on MiHome App is difficult

Account management

The account management page on mihome application is very intuitive and easy to manipulate, you can refer to the illustration with the notes of Mihub below, however I added the following notes:

  • Can create multiple user or admin accounts
  • Each account can add multiple fingerprints and passwords at the same time
  • With the Admin account, it is possible to restore the original data, unlock it in any case and manage its settings
  • Features open by card NFC Only applies to Xiaomi high-end phones that support it NFC. To use it, go to the Mi wallet application to install it

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Diary open and close

Xiaomi smart door lock can save real-time opening and closing history with detailed notes such as:

  • Real time
  • The lock is closed or opened from the inside
  • Has the door handle activated in safe mode or not?
  • What time is the account opened and by what method!

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Create a temporary password

In many cases in life, you need to need the help of this feature as post share evaluate Xiaomi smart door lock after 1 year of use. In my opinion this is one of the features I appreciate the Xiaomi Smart door lock.

Note when setting up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on MiHome App: The temporary password creation feature only works when wifi is on.

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Advanced setup

In the default state, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock will speak with Chinese language. You can adjust it with the English language as shown below. In addition, you can adjust the notification volume with 4 levels and turn off the unlock feature with 2-time authentication.

Summary of How to Set Up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock On MiHome App

Check the front and the inside of the buckle

After the software has been installed, please check again to see if the lock is working as setup. Come here as the end of the process of setting up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on MiHome App. Good luck to you 🙂

How to Set up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock On MiHome App includes how many steps Instructions on how to Set up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on MiHome App

That's it, how to set up Xiaomi Smart Door Lock on the MiHome App for you guys. Hopefully this article will help you set up in the fastest and most accurate way.

For more details on evaluation and contact advice, please send Mihub. In addition, you can refer to some of Xiaomi's smart lock lines that are currently selling like:

Xiaomi Aqara S2 Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi Mijia Sherlock M1 Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi LOOCK Classic Smart Door Lock

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  1. May i ask one problem of my Xaiomi Youdian M2 smart lock problem.
    i'm a seaman and i bought this door lock from china online shopping.
    when i receive this lock i was connect with Mi Home app in my iphone.
    everything is OK.
    But, after that i want control with my apple watch
    when i tried dosn't work in my watch so, i do uninstall Mi Home app in my phone without unpair my door lock.
    After uninstall and reinstall Mi Home app in my phone and i connect to my smart door lock again with Mi Home app.
    But, i can't connect and show me error.

    Make sure device is unpaired from other accounts and reset (code = 107)

    Please… .. help me for this problem.
    how can i fix this error …… Please.
    Thanks you.

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