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What are the notes when choosing to buy smart door lock?

In recent years, the market smart home become vibrant with many quality and diverse products thanks to the participation of many famous brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, philips, ... These smart home products have gradually become familiar and changed the way people use them, making everything more automated, smart and fun.

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In particular, Smart door lock is one of the outstanding innovative products in smart home products, which consumers prefer to use instead of traditional locks because of their usefulness and completeness. the smart home ecosystem they own. Smart electronic lock is an upgraded product line of conventional mechanical lock with the feature to ensure safety and security in the most effective and absolute way.

However, choosing a quality electronic lock product as well as suitable for your needs is not really easy if you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge about the product line. this. Understanding that, through this article, I will give it to you 10 things to keep in mind when choosing a quality Smart Door Lock.

1. Locking Core

Note When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock
The first in the series of Notes When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock is that of choosing the core lock core. The first thing that you want to consider when choosing any lock is that it must be a sturdy locking core, with many layers of protective pins!

A sturdy, rigid-core shaft protects the home with maximum resistance to door or break-ins. So don't sacrifice this criterion for any reason. Currently on the market there are many smart lock products imported from markets with stable society, low crime rates.

The characteristics of the locks from this market are very simple, weak bearing core, only suitable as a bedroom door lock and I recommend not to use as the main key for the house.

2. Still Can Operate as A Perfect Traditional Mechanical Key

List of Notes When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock need to know
A good smart lock must also possess the good characteristics of a traditional mechanical lock! You need to consider the following factors that I mentioned and is the Note to Buy the next Smart Door Lock: 

+ Mechanical structure - joints such as door knobs, which must have smooth movement with good feedback. In the part of the key blade and the fixed fasteners must have a quick bounce, accurate and stable.

+ Materials used - High-end smart keys are usually made of stainless steel with a special surface coating to help prevent explosion, erosion and fingerprint resistance. Equipped with good material helps the lock to be durable with the ability to keep the beauty unchanged over time.

+ Structure of keyhole and key - must have a certain degree of complexity, be difficult to fake or copy.

3. Unlock With Fingerprint

Buy smart door lock what needs most attention
The fingerprint unlock feature, first introduced on mobile devices, was the iPhone 5s, which changed the smartphone industry, which has now become an impossible standard.

Fingerprint is his awake unlocked  "Unlock" Convenient and highly secure. How to unlock this can help you temporarily forget the long codes and the ability to reveal passwords! Currently only a handful of smart keys are equipped with fingerprint biometric technology.

However, you should also note that fingerprint technology is also very diverse! With the old fingerprint technology, will not be able to identify fake fingerprints and the ability to handle quite slowly. In the current market, you can refer to Xiaomi smart key models with advanced fingerprint sensor with the leading PB algorithm in biometric security today. And here is the final note when choosing to buy Smart Door Lock that is should choose the type of lock with integrated biometric fingerprint.

4. Anti-Locking

Things to pay attention to when choosing smart door locks
Whether buying a normal or smart door lock, users need to consider whether it can withstand violent force manual unlocking or support tools.

Specifically, the buyer should check that the sensor and password are within the metal protection zone. In addition, the device also needs to have violent anti-opening function, ie the ability to detect and alert unauthorized opening acts, through activating a bell or camera, sending a warning message to the user. .

These parameters are evaluated and classified according to individual standards, need to refer to the seller or information from the manufacturer's website. The higher the coefficient of safety, the greater the ability to prevent the opening of violence.

5. Good Management Application

The mistake about smart door lock

One point of note when choosing to buy the next Smart Door Lock is the app. It can be said that management application is the soul of smart door lock. You should consider buying smart keys with good management applications, usually only well-known lock companies have good support and long-term management applications. A good management application should have the following criteria:

+ History closed / unlocked - Help you easily manage the opening / closing situation in real time.

+ Notice - to help immediately alert the status of the lock, as well as the case of incorrect password / fingerprint or detect cracked door lock.

+ Unlock by Bluetooth - Combined with BLE identification technology, can be used as a way to unlock the fire.

+ Create a temporary password - this must be a required feature in the app! You can actively share a valid temporary password for a specified period of time in many cases in your life without revealing your master password.

+ Manage by each member - Decentralized management brings many benefits with clear identification, so you can optimize management for families with many members or use for offices that work with many employees.

6. Combined with Other Smart Home Accessories

Top 10 Notes When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock
As I mentioned above, Smart door lock Should be operated as part of the smart home ecosystem! With self-contained door locks and inability to connect to smart home products such as smart sensors is a huge omission, which will greatly limit if you need to upgrade. smart home level later.

For example you can combine smart door lock and Smart camera will automatically activate filming when someone opens the door or turns on the light every time the door is opened. Therefore, you should consider this while choosing a smart key.

7. Locate and Door Type

Full list of Notes When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock
The location and type of door you intend to install a smart lock is one of the deciding factors when you plan to install or upgrade any type of lock. Not all doors can be fitted with electronic locks, so to avoid buying the wrong electronic device that doesn't suit your family door, you need to pay special attention to this.

In door materials, wood is considered suitable for all types of electronic locks. Tempered glass doors should use the type of electronic door lock exclusively for glass doors. Materials such as plastic, steel, and industrial wood can also be fitted with locks, but it is important to note the size or choice of specialized locks. In this regard, you should consult the installation staff to get the most accurate choice.

Besides, in terms of location, the type of electronic lock with many pins will be suitable for the main door because it has a safer security, and if it is a room door, it is best to choose a low-key lock because this type There will be a small size to install, it will be more suitable and it will be more convenient to open and close.

8. Interested in Aesthetics of the Course

Latest updates When Buying Smart Door Lock
Besides the function of locks, another important issue that decides the choice of your locks is the aesthetics that electronic locks bring to the design of your home as well as your office.

A lock designed to suit the interior of the house will be a special highlight to help the house design more impressive, a dash of highlights highlighting the comfort and elegance in the design. of the House.

However, Life is still the same! Everyone has their own unique taste, so it's hard to say what a beautiful product. But in my opinion, it must have a simple design with strong and delicate lines suitable for the whole house, the color must be neutral and harmonize with the door materials or other devices used in smart home. 

9. Product Price

Statistics Notes When Choosing to Buy Smart Door Lock
This is what you care about when buying any product. Currently, electronic lock products appearing on the market are very diverse, not only in terms of models and types but also in prices. There are similar products in terms of design and function but there are price differences between suppliers.

Therefore, in order to buy the products with the most suitable prices, you need to have a correlation of prices in the market. Smart lock products are considered suitable when they have a good performance ratio on a reasonable price, with this criterion, the manufacturer of smart home devices Xiaomi is probably leading the segment, with high quality products. Good quality with high performance but very competitive price.

10. Selecting a Trusted Address to Buy a Smart Door Lock

Afterall! This is the criteria you need to Note when selecting the Smartest Door Lock, if you want to buy quality electronic lock products. On the market today, there are many suppliers distributing electronic lock products. However, not all addresses are really quality and reputable. You can consider buying products from Mihub.vn!

Mihub is proud to be the genuine distributor of intelligent security products for the home of every Vietnamese family and the world. The products distributed by Mihub are not only global brands, but also ensure the quality of equipment manufacturing materials, integrated technology, creativity in both design appearance and operation mechanism, as well as Comfort factor, easy to use for all ages customers, all security purposes.

Mihub provides a full range of security equipment solutions on the basis of Internet applications from global brands, with key products such as Xiaomi Aqara smart door lock, LOOCK, Xiaomi 360 IP camera ... and products Other smart accessories follow the criteria of "unique", "beautiful" and "effective".

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